with the change of season, comes a bit of introspection. 

energy knows no time, space, or distance

i’ve been feeling the waves of change, and am now experiencing the energy i was picking up on last year around this very time. i knew that something needed to change, what i was unprepared for was that something being me.

old + new 

over the last few years, i began to unravel habits formed during the past decade, and focus my energy on things that have always been a part of my life, yet at different times. introducing new things as well. old and new being woven together. and somehow it all seems to fit perfectly.

change from within

last year at this time, i was forced to change. literally. the messages i had been given were apparently not well received, therefore the Universe made sure to get my full attention. the experience came full force, and was the key in opening the door to my understanding of Self.


it is through this understanding, i am now able to see the divine timing of everything. the experiences that were needed in order to become who i am. fully step into my light, on the path of returning to Self. i am forever grateful for the lessons, and those who’ve helped me to get to here. where i came from and where it is that i am going. i am thankful for it all.

cyclical existence 

as with anything in nature, everything has a cycle. and for me this cycle is about connecting with self. listening to and following the heart. being in alignment with my path. being in harmony with nature. and having the awareness of self in the lessons and the learning process. the greatest lesson for me being, Self Love + Trust.

the path is ever evolving, and the heart is ever expanding.

it is in this last year that i have learned how to practice good self care, reconnect with nature, listen and truly feel – creating the foundation for the path as a healer and caretaker of Mother Earth. i am looking forward to sharing more in depth with you as we move further into alignment in our journey back to Self.


“He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in life is himself sought by that purpose.” Hazrat Inayat Khan


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