healing way

 herbs & nutrition, spiritual connection 

i have become familiar in ways of working with plant medicine preventatively and in healing from exposure to environmental toxins – creating plant essences, natural remedies, and herbal medicine. i also work with food as medicine to heal and support the body system. although, there is another aspect of working with the earth in healing spiritually and emotionally – this is where my relationship came to be prior to working with her physically. water is one of my first memories of a connection to nature, from there i followed a path of working with mother earth.

self taught. hands + heart 

mostly i have learned through experience, and self study from those who are in the healing community, including the plants. i learn by working with my hands, and my heart. i learn through experience, inner knowledge and intuition, guided by wisdom and trust. creating essences and natural healing medicines, energywork, preparing nourishing foods or simply being in nature to calm the spirit and realign to a higher vibration have become my ways of healing. i am always learning. i am forever a student of nature.

foundational healing  

as we come to the end of a cycle, i am feeling this on a much deeper level, for in the last year i have been on a path of conscious healing. it seems as though the layers that have released energetically, have come to the surface to be released physically. i have been reminded just how important it is to nourish the mind, body and spirit. fortunately, i have the foundation, and tools that are needed for this journey of physical healing. this experience also gifted me with the opportunity to learn more about my self and the medicines. taking it one day at a time, incorporating one thing at a time, and being aware of the bodies natural response and cycle in the healing process. taking it slow, nurturing and gently caring for my self, allowing for everything to happen in its own time. in gratitude.

circle of light

everything i have learned up until this point in time has come full circle in helping to guide me back to a balanced state of health and well being – emotionally, physically and spiritually. thankful for mother nature and traditional healing. a home to take the time to heal, come back to center in. its all relative. namaste.



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