return to self : the journey home

its been a long while since i’ve been on my own. fifteen years to be exact. i didn’t realize that until her departure. what i have learned is that sometimes blessings come into our lives in forms unexpected. Ember showed and taught me pure Love. she was the embodiment of the divine feminine. a sister of the rose, part of my soul, and in this life a pug. she chose me as her guide, yet in truth she was mine. though the journey here on Earth together may have ended, another aspect seems to be revealing itself.

along the rivers edge, where our spiritual journey began, is where i am learning to find my self once again. although she is not here physically, i feel her in every moment. she is with me, and will always be. this i know and understand yet it is still a rather difficult adjustment. i have gone deep within and i am learning how to live without her here with me. it is not easy, for it is like living without the sun. truly.

she taught me many things. she taught me how to care for another; how to be a mother, a wife, a friend, and a daughter. we spoke our own language and have a bond that goes back many lifetimes. she is both my greatest teacher, and my life’s greatest loss. every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. the path i am on is one that has taken me on quite the journey. however, i am thankful to be where i am now : with new eyes, an open heart, and Ember helping to guide my way Home to Self in spirit form.

in the next phase of this journey i am being called to move deeper into the healing process by way of working with Chiron in my natal astrology chart. the course i am taking ‘Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift’ has really showed up at the most perfect time. i will be exploring the three Chiron archetypes, how they relate to me, and how to use them to turn my wound into my greatest gift. i am planning to share with you my experience, maybe you will find within something that resonates with your own journey of self. as my wise Rose Alchemy teacher says, “we are all guiding each other home.”




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