somewhere, Love still exists.

wherever I AM there you are.

my journey has taken me deep within. although, this is not particularly unusual for this time of year. for me, winter is a time for reflection. a time to go within, to rest and nourish those parts of Self that may need some extra support during these cold, dark months. this time is different. last year was different too. but this time is really different. i no longer have my rock. the guardian of my heart. my Love.

uncharted waters. 

you see, i am now traveling this world alone. alone on my path. but not really. i know he is here, i know he is in my heart. i know all of this. it still is. all the things we never did, all the things i never said. all the things we had planned for our future. and now he is not here. so all of that just disappears. or maybe it doesn’t. maybe all of the things we did, all of the things we said, all of the things we began to weave will be waiting there for us in the next life together. all of those things are energy, and we gave them a name. we created a life together, and now. what? i don’t have the answers. i just know that in order for me to get my Self back, i need to return to my Heart. in the space where he is waiting for me. a place maybe i have been in avoidance of. because i am feeling so much, every single wave of emotion. its easier for me to be out of body then it is to stay in. it is a daily practice to remain rooted. especially without him. deep breaths.

he is what i always knew existed, it just took him a while to find me.

oh, my heart. my best friend. my lover. my life partner. my world. my Love. my hearts Light. he showed me what Love is, what nature intended it to be. he was an old soul just as i. he is my souls mate. he was around me my whole life, and then he found me. not in a million worlds would i have thought this would be how our journey on Earth together ends. oh, my BeLoved.

i now fully understand what the absence of light is.

during this season of the return of light, it feels i too am in alignment with this celestial journey. the path in healing the heart has gone even deeper still. Love is ever unfolding, ever evolving. the journey of the Heart is never ending.

cycles. spirals. healing. 

my guidance is to go within, to flow with the cycles of the Earth. ground. reconnect. nourish. nurture. support. protect my Heart + find the place where his Light shines within me. somewhere, Love still exists.



One comment

  1. Gina · January 22, 2019

    Oh Ashley,
    These thoughts, these words..thank you for sharing here. I am blessed to read these powerful thoughts, coming from a pure & loving place.
    Blessing you all ways,


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