LunaRose : Full Moon Taurus

The energy of the full moon resonates with the frequency of one of Rose Alchemy’s newest roses, Soul Star.

“The Soul Star holds your personal Akasha your past life history and your Souls choice for this current incarnation. It is a point at which the Divine Higher Soul Self energy coming through the Stellar Gateway activates your personal coding. The clear and more aligned you are within your personal chakra system and especially the Heart the more open the Crown becomes and the Soul Star becomes brighter and more active. The Heart chakra is the key.” Sandra Humby, Rose Alchemy.

along with a deep resonance of the Heart Chakra, the vibration is also reflected in the third eye, throat, solar plexus + sacral chakra – the energy centers of the divine feminine. Grandmother Moon, illuminating the path + holding space for grounding in the Earth energies gives to us what feels almost like a second chance. this time around, we are fully aware, awake, and listening. tuned in & in alignment.

the energy of this moon feels to be one of coming into your own. we’ve gone through the lessons and teachings, often times repeated, but those of us who are doing the work have seemed to arrive at the destination, our Self. Heart. Home. for me, usually full moons are a time of completion, but this one truly feels like a new beginning. it may also have to do with the energy of the current astrology we are experiencing. i am no astrologist, just observe and sense the energetic imprints in the world within and around me.

as above, so below. one truth you will always here me say.

so, this full moon take some time to reflect on what it is you would like to release, and if you feel called, write it down and hold space for your self. just be. let go by burning the paper (safely) and giving it back to the ethers, to be transmuted into something else, something beautiful. if there is nothing to write, only tears, that is fine too. tears are a form of release. after the ceremony, take a piece of paper and write down your intentions, what you would like to manifest, for this next phase in your journey. remember to be very clear. then, place the paper in a sacred space or under your pillow. as we journey along, you may want to journal your experiences, including dreams. when the time comes, at the next new moon, plant those seeds. literally, place the paper in Mother Earth and watch as the magic unfolds. share in your experiences if you feel called to do. 


“Suddenly, she sees that there is more to life than the meadow. Her world will never be the same again.” Full Moon in Taurus – Out of the Cage, AstroButterfly.




shift in frequency,
raise in vibration.

clear channel.
self knowledge. 
cycles. completions.

inner pathways.
energy centers.


sacred feminine,


Many Petalled Heart

journey of a thousand universes.

heart. consciousness.
waves of emotion.

finding center.
true north.

feeling my way through the dark,
releasing all that i am not.

traveling between worlds.
reclaiming. reremembering.

as within, so without.
source. self. love.
the light has returned.




dark night of the heart.

process of elimination.
time stands still.

let the light shine from within.

mirrors. reflections.
gravitational push. pull.

still point. darkness.
seed of life. light.
harmonic convergence.

acceptance of all that IS.

Higher Heart

shedding, unbecoming.
layers. storylines. timelines.
false realities in truths disguise.

rose coloured glasses.

the self, center.
higher heart.

this is who you are,
who you have become.
who you have always been.


dear One.