Ode to My Heart

yarrow, blue jays, red clover.

mother earth.


sounds of the modern world

merging with the natural.


this land is my home.

where i came from, where i returned.


he showed me the way,

back to my heart.

back to the plants.


back to nature.


return. return. return.




ripples of time.

moving water.




divine feminine.


Earth Mother.


fields without fences
permaculture apprenticeship

be thy self

– what is the rhythm in your Heart, what song wants to be expressed? –

it’s been so long since the beginning. many lessons have been learned and patterns unlearned. life has taught me much about my Self and the kind of world i want to live in and be a part of. experience has brought people into and certainly out of my life. the ebb and flow of the tide. and some are dearly missed. i believe once you have accepted another into your heart field, their energy is known to you. becomes a part of you, for we are all a facet of the whole. cosmic consciousness. we are energetic beings creating a human experience. breaking patterns and conditioning, learning life lessons – clearing karma. on a path of self discovery. with a song in each of our hearts, to be understood and shared with others. harmonic convergence. we are all part of the dance.

– a relationship begins to take form – 

i’ve spent much of my life fighting to be heard, to be understood, to be seen and loved. where i found solace was in Nature. where i could just be my self. accepted. acknowledged. seen on a vibrational level of oneness. a part of and not separate from. one in the same, just walking on two legs. although, sometimes it may feel like i am crawling. forgetting for a moment i am human. allowing the current to take away all things that weighed heavy on my mind and in my heart. this is where my connection with self and nature began in this life. nature became my teacher. my healer. my friend. my way of giving back was through spending time with her and clearing the debris left by others. communicating and taking care of her. i’ve spent most of my life in Nature – becoming one with my environment, living in harmony among nature beings and using different eyes to see. i was taught to use my mind and follow my heart, trust my intuition and see with the Heart. just be.

– there is a sense of having to know where one has come from, in order to know where one is going – 

the path that lead me here has had its challenges, but i realize now they were all for a reason. each level of experience allowed me to utilize my resources. inner knowledge and the wisdom of nature. the journey i am on is one back to Self. this very much so has been a year of deep emotional healing and releasing. letting go and becoming who i am. who we are and came here to be. expressions of Self – divine Love. truly knowing and understanding where i came from and everything in between. the lesson i am learning is to be who you are where ever you are. those who are going to love you will love you, and those who are going to judge you will judge you. light attracts light, but it also attracts dark. learn how to protect your Self and let your light guide the way. ❤

we are one heart. one vibration.



Know thyself’ was written over the portal of the antique world.

Over the portal of the new world, ‘Be thyself’ shall be written.

– Oscar Wilde

how the journey began…

i was always different, and i knew it.

there was a certain level of comfort in believing that truth for so long. yet, i see by that being the foundation for the path that led me to this very moment in time, it may have also triggered the perfection i acquired in isolating myself from human interaction. don’t get me wrong – i grew up in the public eye, in a small town where two rivers meet, and had much social interaction for most of my life. what i am speaking of here is the kind of interaction where you really allow another to see you for who it is that you are. i also understand that in not fully knowing who i was, how then could i present that to the world?

so, i hid.

then one day, i was guided to change. i went deep within to a place where i felt even more comfortable, in nature along the rivers edge. i began to discover the many facets of Self and embraced the teachings that nature taught me. many moons were spent where the rivers meet, and unbeknownst to me at the time, would eventually one day hold the space where i would be married.

fast forward.

i began to come into my own as a healer. becoming certified in a multitude of practices including; reiki, hypnotherapy, angel card reading, and Ayurvedic tongue analysis. studying herbal medicine, taking classes in the metaphysical arts, and reading about traditional healing practices became my life – and i was going to save the world.

that is the part of the journey where i learned it was quite the opposite. i was not going to save the world, but rather i needed to save myself.

but how?

well, for some time i have been in search of that very answer, and within the last year have been guided onto a more conscious path of self healing. as one of my deeply regarded teachers says, “you can’t take someone to a place you haven’t been.”

the last year has lead me on a path of reconnecting with my self + nature. it has been a process of acknowledging, accepting, releasing, letting go and repeating that pattern all over again. each layer comes as it needs to be healed, and at the level it can be met. revisiting places both within myself and nature that i once knew as a child, those of which have now seen me come into my own as a woman – who i am now – has been part of the process as well.

who am i?

a question that has been with me for as long as i can remember. last month for the first time i walked a labyrinth, and in doing so with that single question in my mind and heart, i received the answer. LOVE.


it is that simple. the quest, the journey, the path all lead back to the core essence of who we are in life – if we so choose to allow.

with my heart and mind in alignment with my path, i invite you to travel with me on this journey of Self discovery and Self realization. for we are here to help each other heal, learn, and grow. come into our own. become we who are meant to be in this life, and take care of Mother Earth.

remember who we are