who is earthsol healing

hello, and welcome.

so much gratitude for you being here, and looking forward to our journey of Self discovery on the path of healing by ways of our inner wisdom, mother earth, and most beloved ally – our heart.

 let thy heart be your guide 


She had always known that she was to walk a different path in life.

Ashley comes from a lineage of light, and is deeply connected to the natural world. She was raised in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania where two rivers meet – the place where her journey with nature began to take shape. Ashley’s roots run deep here in the Northeast as she is the fourth generation to have walked these paths along the rivers and creeks. It is through her lineage and experience along with nature’s wisdom + inner guidance of the heart that her life’s work is centered in healing work.

At an early age she had discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. This experience opened the door to the realm of natural healing; working with herbs and ancient healing practices completely resonated with her. Shortly thereafter she was introduced to Reiki, a Japanese form of healing, which was her first certification in the Healing Arts. Ashley began on the medicine path through her own journey of self-healing, and has incorporated a variety of modalities into her practice. She also holds certifications in Master Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics Programming, as well as Angel Tarot Card Reading and Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis.

Ashley is expanding in the direction her ancestors traveled by formulating her own way of working with the land and community. She is deepening her connection to Mother Earth through learning to work with plant medicine, and bridging her relationship with nature to her practice through reconnecting others with their selves + environment. Her path is ever evolving with the wisdom of the plants as they have not only become her healers, but teachers as well. Ashley’s vision is to live in harmony with nature and work with the land in growing food and medicine. Her intention is to help restore balance in the Earth and Heart, guiding the way back to Self and Mother Earth. Primal Rebirthing – teaching, guiding, and healing through earth-based practices.

Ashley is in gratitude to all of her teachers, ancestors, and life experiences that have assisted on her evolutionary path of coming into being.

Note: Ashley is not currently seeing clients. Although, you may follow @EarthSolHealing on IG & FB + sign up via email to receive current updates. Blessings, Love + Light. ❤ 

Stay tuned for the launch of ESH’s online shop Primordial Spirit featuring vibrational essences, and other nature inspired medicines for your life’s journey. 


child of the stars, daughter of the earth.

lover of nature & the elements.

one with the universe.