daughter of the earth

child of the stars, daughter of the earth.
lover of nature & the elements.
one with the universe.

Deeply connected to the natural world

Ashley had always known that she was to walk a different path in life. She was raised in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, in a place where two rivers meet. After traveling West, Love brought her back to her roots – back to familiar pathways along the rivers and creeks. It is through her lineage, and experience that her life is centered in healing work. 

 The Healing Arts had called to her from a very young age, as did her alignment with the Earth.

She began on the medicine path seeking her own self healing. At the age of sixteen Ashley had been introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine; this ancient practice opened her to the realm of natural healing. From there she was guided to Reiki, a Japanese form of healing. Energy healing felt like the right path for her to further explore as a certification, and she became a Reiki Master over a ten year period. Ashley evolved, physically, emotionally, and spiritually with each level of Reiki she was attuned to. She also holds certifications in Master Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics Programming, as well as Angel Tarot Card Reading and Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis. Ashley is in gratitude to all of her teachers, ancestors, and life experiences that have assisted on her evolutionary path of coming into being.

Primal Rebirthing – teaching, guiding, and healing through earth-based practices.

Ashley is expanding in the direction her ancestors traveled by formulating her own way of working with nature and community. She is deepening her relationship with the Earth through her studies in herbal medicine & permaculture. Ashley is a member of the Easton-Environmental Advisory Council, and has founded her own environmental community, EcoEnviro Easton. These platforms help her to be a voice for Mother Earth, raise awareness of sustainable practices, and create a more earth conscious community. 

Nature’s wisdom & inner guidance of the heart connects her to the elements + Mother Earth.

Her intention is to reconnect people with nature, guiding the way back to the heart & earth. Ashley’s path is ever evolving with the wisdom of the plants as they have not only become her healers, but teachers as well. Her vision is to cultivate medicinal + edible gardens & sustainable community. The plant path is ever unfolding. 


Let thy Heart be your guide 


so much gratitude for finding your way here, looking forward to our journey of reconnection to Earth + Heart.


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