Earth Medicine Journey w/ Darcey Blue of Whistling Stone Sacred Wildness

i am so honored to share this deeply sacred + transpersonal work with you! as an affiliate, and as a special offer for you, if you register through EarthSol Healing you may use the discount code found below for this course!

EarthSol Healing is excited to announce the upcoming Earth Medicine Journey with herbalist, guide & teacher Darcey Blue. if you’ve ever felt called to work with the Earth & elements in a more Sacred Way and resonate with these practices then this is the path for you! from my own personal experience, certain things show up at times in our life when the medicine is called for, and oftentimes before we even know it. i feel that this is how Darcey and her medicine shows up for us…at a time when we may be feeling to reconnect with aspects of ourselves that we may not even be aware of, she guides us back to our true essence & nature. Darcey’s guidance is gentle, full of heart + wisdom, and it would be a blessing to journey alongside you + Mother Earth for the next four months!

The Journey Begins June 1st!


sacred reciprocity

Earth Medicine Journeys

Are you searching for simple ways to reconnect to your own inner wildness?

And Yearning to feel a deeper kinship with wilderness & nature?

Do you feel your soul light up by the idea of diving deep into the messages that nature, wildness and the sacred whisper to you?

Are you ready to cultivate the soil of your soul and innate wildness?

Do you want to rediscover the simple and sacred magic of just being present to nature and your authentic self?


Join me, Darcey Blue, Devotee of the Sacred Wild, Wilderness Ceremony & Vision Quest Guide & Plant Whisperer/Herbalist for a journey with nature and soul, wilderness and inner wildness.

We dive in together for a month long session in each cardinal direction for messages, ceremonies, practices for nature and soul connection, nature awareness and wild perception, imagination, totems, elements and honoring sacred wildness.

During this journey you will rediscover, reconnect, rekindle, reinvigorate and rewild your soul in direct relationship with the beings, elements, and processes of the sacred and wild nature around you and within you where ever you are.


Each of the month long sessions we work within one of the four themes based on a 4 directions medicine wheel.  We will work with elements, archetypes and totems, nature beings (plants, trees, stones, mountains, rivers etc) simple rituals, journaling, journey & deep imagination, dreams, and sensory awareness practices to begin a process of reconnecting to our innate wildness, the greater wild nature, and the connection & relationship between our wild wise soul and wild sacred nature.


June: South – Fire Element, the Seed/Quickening


July: West- Water Element, Root/Grounding & Deepening


August: North – Earth Element, Branches/Outer Expression & Activation


September: East- Air Element, Flower/Expansion & Opening


(NOTE: This course has previously been offered as the Wild Invitations course, if you have completed that work, this course is a repeat of that material.  You may re-register if you want to go through it again with a group. Do NOT register for this course if you have completed Wild Invitations and do not want to do the same material again. Thanks for your understanding!)


Registration for the Earth Medicine Journeys Includes:

Each month long sessions rituals and practices delivered as a full color PDF to your email and concurrently available in a private online classroom (where you can ask questions, leave comments on your experience etc).

A beautiful PDF E book of all the prompts, at the end of the journey, for your reference to work with on an ongoing basis.

Personal New and Full Moon check in with Darcey Blue (via e mail)

An individualized Earth Medicine Session via phone/skype during each session to deepen, expand and personalize your work in each direction. (You must schedule this with me upon registration.)

Access to private Community Group Discussion Space


Course Syllabus

South – Quickening – Seed – Fire

Your Wildness Compass

Embracing Your Wild & Sacred Self

Becoming Heart Centered in the Wild World

The Elements : Fire

Animal Guide – Snake

Medicine Walk – Wild Child

Ceremony : Transforming & Releasing Story


West – Grounding & Deepening- Root- Water

Sacred Reciprocity

The Land as your Guide

Your Wildness Mentor

The Elements: Water

Animal Guide : Jaguar

Medicine Walk : The Muse/Inner Beloved

The Medicine of Death


North – Expression- Branches – Earth

Prayer Cairns

Consuming the Wild

Ancestral Connections

Finding your Voice

Mapping your Wild Connections

The Elements: Earth

Animal Guide : Hummingbird


East- Expansion/Opening -Flower – Air

The Medicine Walk

Your Creation Story

The Elements: Air

Animal Guide: Hawk

Medicine Walk: Walking with the Dream

Ceremony: Community Prayer Offering



This course is offered for four months this summer from June 1, 2019 until Sept 30, 2019.


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LunaRose : Full Moon Taurus

The energy of the full moon resonates with the frequency of one of Rose Alchemy’s newest roses, Soul Star.

“The Soul Star holds your personal Akasha your past life history and your Souls choice for this current incarnation. It is a point at which the Divine Higher Soul Self energy coming through the Stellar Gateway activates your personal coding. The clear and more aligned you are within your personal chakra system and especially the Heart the more open the Crown becomes and the Soul Star becomes brighter and more active. The Heart chakra is the key.” Sandra Humby, Rose Alchemy.

along with a deep resonance of the Heart Chakra, the vibration is also reflected in the third eye, throat, solar plexus + sacral chakra – the energy centers of the divine feminine. Grandmother Moon, illuminating the path + holding space for grounding in the Earth energies gives to us what feels almost like a second chance. this time around, we are fully aware, awake, and listening. tuned in & in alignment.

the energy of this moon feels to be one of coming into your own. we’ve gone through the lessons and teachings, often times repeated, but those of us who are doing the work have seemed to arrive at the destination, our Self. Heart. Home. for me, usually full moons are a time of completion, but this one truly feels like a new beginning. it may also have to do with the energy of the current astrology we are experiencing. i am no astrologist, just observe and sense the energetic imprints in the world within and around me.

as above, so below. one truth you will always here me say.

so, this full moon take some time to reflect on what it is you would like to release, and if you feel called, write it down and hold space for your self. just be. let go by burning the paper (safely) and giving it back to the ethers, to be transmuted into something else, something beautiful. if there is nothing to write, only tears, that is fine too. tears are a form of release. after the ceremony, take a piece of paper and write down your intentions, what you would like to manifest, for this next phase in your journey. remember to be very clear. then, place the paper in a sacred space or under your pillow. as we journey along, you may want to journal your experiences, including dreams. when the time comes, at the next new moon, plant those seeds. literally, place the paper in Mother Earth and watch as the magic unfolds. share in your experiences if you feel called to do. 


“Suddenly, she sees that there is more to life than the meadow. Her world will never be the same again.” Full Moon in Taurus – Out of the Cage, AstroButterfly.