home to Self

learning to surrender to the process,

however it unfolds.


intensely emotional.

lost in the space of my soul, heart and life.





returning to my foundation,

revisiting once familiar places.


no longer for me,

no longer am i her.


what i have been searching for outside of my self,

resides within.


the way forward is within.


the shifting of the wheel to autumn,

a time for release.



creating space for rest.

planting seeds.



mind. body. spirit


preparation for the coming,

seasons. cycles. spirals.

path unfolding.


opening to the experience,

and surrendering.


returning to my foundation.

returning to the earth.

returning to self.


the seeds have been planted,

and within my heart contains the vision.


earth based practices.

heart centered healing.

new paradigm wisdom.


come spring,

a rebirth of self + my practice.



“An ait a bhfuil do chroi is ann a thabharfas do chosa thu.”
(your feet will bring you to where your heart is) 
Karen Marie Moning

Ode to My Heart

yarrow, blue jays, red clover.

mother earth.


sounds of the modern world

merging with the natural.


this land is my home.

where i came from, where i returned.


he showed me the way,

back to my heart.

back to the plants.


back to nature.


return. return. return.




ripples of time.

moving water.




divine feminine.


Earth Mother.


fields without fences
permaculture apprenticeship

1111 : Activation

a call to walk in the woods, with intention. holding space. calling in the directions, guides, guardians. elementals + ancestors. sacred circle. making an offering. this is how yesterday’s ceremony began. sol shining from above and within. a deeper sense of purpose, understanding. the feminine coming together with the masculine. sacred union. time immemorial. a beautiful moment here on earth. remembrance. the reason why we are here. together.
healing. balance. love. protection. 
we are walking the path back to our selves, our hearts, mother earth. this shift, this alignment is why we are here. why we chose to be here. it is our higher purpose, the souls evolution. the journey of the heart + earth. mother nature is calling for us to return. return. return. to the ways of our ancestors, traditions. in a new way, with our hearts and eyes open. we have healed and cleared all timelines, all spaces, all dimensions. a new pathway rises before us. the way of the sacred feminine, in perfect harmony with the masculine. inner alchemy, divine union. this is the path of self mastery.
welcome hOme.
Processed with MOLDIV
Way of the Sacred Feminine

Higher Heart

shedding, unbecoming.
layers. storylines. timelines.
false realities in truths disguise.

rose coloured glasses.

the self, center.
higher heart.

this is who you are,
who you have become.
who you have always been.


dear One.