home to Self

learning to surrender to the process,

however it unfolds.


intensely emotional.

lost in the space of my soul, heart and life.





returning to my foundation,

revisiting once familiar places.


no longer for me,

no longer am i her.


what i have been searching for outside of my self,

resides within.


the way forward is within.


the shifting of the wheel to autumn,

a time for release.



creating space for rest.

planting seeds.



mind. body. spirit


preparation for the coming,

seasons. cycles. spirals.

path unfolding.


opening to the experience,

and surrendering.


returning to my foundation.

returning to the earth.

returning to self.


the seeds have been planted,

and within my heart contains the vision.


earth based practices.

heart centered healing.

new paradigm wisdom.


come spring,

a rebirth of self + my practice.



“An ait a bhfuil do chroi is ann a thabharfas do chosa thu.”
(your feet will bring you to where your heart is) 
Karen Marie Moning